What is GooberFund?

A substantial media and tech fund that we are prepared to invest in original app and media based ideas and start-ups.


Backing your App ideas

The fund has already backed two app based ideas; A.Mazing Monsters and Matestake. A.Mazing Monsters are a series of 16 short stories written by Jim Slater the very famous financier, and illustrated by his son (then 10 years old) Christopher.

This was back on the 80’s but the books have sold in excess of 4.5 million worldwide, and continue to sell. Dan Dickenson bought these books for his kids on recommendation from a friend. Dan’s kids fell in love with them, and they were read solidly for years. This gave him an idea to develop them into interactive apps for the ipad. Supergoober developed the first two books, the Tricky Troggle and the Great Gulper.

Matestake is a confidential app in development which will be released mid 2014.


What are we looking for?

Supergoober is looking for all creative app ideas that make a difference to how  society works, creates and interacts with each other. We don’t believe in researching everything but we do believe in instinct. True creativity is to inspire and lead. If you think your idea can capture a market and sustain interest in its core delivery, then send it over.

We accept ideas from all over the world so please don’t feel that your geographical location hinders  looking at your idea. You don’t have to be a creative either, you just have to have confidence in your idea.

Supergoober has a team of  creative curators and analysts, we don’t come from the usual angle of hedge funds and VC’s. We all come from the creative side of the fence, and believe in inspiring ideas. Don’t be shy, it doesn’t matter how “out there” you think you are, we understand to evolve you have to push the barriers, if not the World would stand still.

How do we apply?

Supergoober would love to hear your innovative ideas!

Speaking to individuals in the Advertising World ( but not limited to) it seems a huge amount of you have fantastic ideas but nowhere to discuss, fund and create them. Supergoober is pioneering the way to help you develop those ideas into fully functioning revenue generating models.

All you have to do is fill in the form below with your details, download the NDA, fill in the gaps, sign and scan and send back, along with your idea to gooberfund@supergoober.co.uk

We read all ideas, so please be patient if we don’t get back to you immediately. We may have  received lots that week!  We will only be able to reply to successful candidates to arrange a meeting. So apologies in advance if we don’t get back to you.

The idea is to help creative ideas get off the ground, so keep ‘em coming!

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NDA Details

HERE is where you can download the NDA, otherwise known as a Non Disclosure Agreement. This gives you copyright protection, so we cannot develop or speak about the idea without your prior consent. Just fill in or delete where the lines are throughout the document, and then scan and send back to gooberfund@supergoober.co.uk